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ABCs of Real Estate Freebies

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E - Event Planning Template

Events are a great option for both client connection and agent networking & recruiting. I have created an easy-to-use excel or google sheets template that will help you make sure you don't forget any details when planning your event. Make sure you check out all of the tabs including:

  • To-Do lists with deadlines

  • Inventory / Supply Checklist

  • Agenda

  • Cost Sheet

  • Event Goals Review

What I have included in the template is a starting off point for you as you plan your event, so you can remove or add things to each tab as you need! The most important thing to remember: Make sure you have very clear objectives/goals when you plan your event and keep those in mind throughout all of your planning process.

Mockup (1).png

D - Database Daily Routine

One of the essential keys to multiplying your time is reducing the number of decisions you make in a day. Having a daily routine for your database removes or lessens the decisions you need to make every day when you sit down to a computer and dig into your database.

Use this template as a starting place for your daily routine! Feel free and encouraged to make this your own!


C - Client Experience GIFTING!

Gifts are an easy way to suprise and delight your clients throughout the process! There are a couple of reasons why gifting is a great investment in your business:

  1. Social Media: A lot of people will post unique, creative, sweet gifts on social and give you a shout out!

  2. Referrals from currently active clients: You know when you're looking at buying a specific car and then all the sudden you see that car everywhere out on the road? Your clients are going to have the same experience with buying or selling their home--it will come up in conversation frequently with their friends and family, so make sure your name always comes up!

  3. Repeat business: If your client enjoys the process and feels loved on by you, they are more likely to come back!

Referrals & Repeat business are always going to be the most profitable type of business you can get, so investing $100-$200 per current client in gifts is going to pay off down the road!

Screenshot 2022-05-12 181027.png

B - Buyer Roadmap

This is a very simple but very critical tool to have in your arsenal: The Buyer Roadmap! You can click the link below to get this document in an editable template in Canva, make it your own with fonts, colors, your picture and logo! Also, make sure to tweak and update based on the process in your local state.

Untitled design (18).png

A - Appraisal Package

In this strong sellers market, if you are going to be representing sellers you MUST have a strong strategy to combat low Appraisals--I'm giving you mine for free! Click the link below for my go-to Appraisal package template and fill out with your listing info to send to the appraiser on your next transaction.

Untitled design (17).png
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