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Styling your Photoshoot - Go-To Resources & Tips for Wardrobe Selection

Planning your wardrobe for your brand photoshoot is important for two specific reasons:

  1. Your style and color choices will be a reflection of your brand, and

  2. I want you to feel like you look your best and exude confidence!

Below are my tips and things to think about when selecting your wardrobe as well as some of my go-to stores for clothing options!

HOw to Plan:

Woman standing with purple dress on

What will best reflect the personality of your brand?

The easiest way to do this is: give me 5-10 words that describe the feelings you want your ideal client to feel when they interact with your brand AND what you want your brand to exude. This might be *Professional, elevated, luxurious, sleek* or it might be *Colorful, friendly, accessible, educational*. You can also include different aesthetic categories at this step like western, retro, organic/natural, preppy, etc. that will help guide you toward specific styles of clothing.

Select your Color Palette

Consistency is key in branding, and this extends to the colors you wear during your photoshoot. This doesn't mean you need to match your brand colors exactly, but your attire should complement and resonate with your brand's palette. If you don't know what colors compliment your brand palette, check out websites like Adobe Color or Coolors and play around with your brand colors!

Be true to you!

If you're looking for a time to try an style that is totally out of the norm for you, don't do that at your photoshoot! I said it once and I'll say it again, I want you to feel like a million bucks and exude confidence--so pick items that you would be likely to wear rather than something totally out of the box.

Bring Layers & Accessories

The best way to maximize the variety in your images is to create small variations for each outfit. If you're using the photos in your content, it's important to differentiate each post so people don't skip over thinking they've already seen this or that post before.

The easiest way to create variety is to start with one or two basic outfits and then bring a few different coats, cardigans, vests, bags, sunglasses, hats, and jewelry options to swap out quickly between takes!

Quick Tips:

Stiletto heel standing on top of a disco ball

  • Avoid fabrics that are highly wrinkle prone, and make sure you iron or steam any items that are wrinkly before your shoot

  • If you have group shots, ask everyone to avoid wearing bold prints or shirts with logos/graphics in order to keep the image cohesive

  • Consider any skin treaments, teeth whitening, hair styling, nails, and any other personal grooming scheduling when planning the date for your photoshoot

  • Avoid wearing glasses to sunglasses transition lenses

Black and white image of a woman sitting on the ground looking to the right

SheaLyn's Shopping Guide

If you're looking for a new outfit for your shoot, here are some stores that I like!

*Personal note: In a world of fast fashion, I like to support local and/or sustainable businesses as much as I can. But if some of those options are out of your price range, I just recommend buying things you can see yourself wearing again!

Professional Styles & Basics:

  • Express $$

    • Men's & Women's

    • Great for blazers, button ups and cocktail attire

  • Nordstrom Rack $ - $$

    • Men's & Women's

    • Wide selection from casual to business clothing as well as shoes & accessories

  • Loft $$

    • Business casual clothes for women

  • Buck Mason $$$

    • Men's and some Women's

    • Fair trade basics

Feminine, Retro & Statement:

  • ModCloth $$

    • Retro & statement women's clothing & shoes

  • Lulu's $ - $$

    • Trending women's clothing - I specifically like their dresses, jumpsuits, and two piece sets

  • Purpose Boutique $$

    • Women's and some Men's clothing and accessories

    • Women owned & fights human trafficking!

  • Reformation $$$

    • Sustainability focused women's clothing & accessories

  • Madewell $$

    • Women's casual clothing and shoes with a focus on denim


  • Able $$

    • High quality leather bags, jewelry, and some clothing

    • Dedicated to providing women with good wages in Nashville and around the world

  • Bauble Bar $ - $$

    • Affordable jewelry and accessories

  • Noonday Collection $$

    • Fair trade jewelry, accessories, and clothing from artisans around the world

Rental Services:

  • Haverdash $

    • $59/month clothing rental with unlimited rotation of items

  • Nuuly $$

    • $98/month with 6 options

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